Tuesday, September 25, 2012

STJ Debate Society Partners with NYC Urban Debate League

Graduate Student Tommye Weddington pictured on the far right facing the camera, directs the St. John's University Debate Society's partnership with the Urban Debate League in New York City. Every week, middle school and high school students from Queens come to campus, have pizza and soda, and learn a concept about debate and argumentation.  These students just finished their weekly session on counterplans, and are having a look at all the different counterplans that they invented.

St. John's University Debate Society serves as the only UDL outreach center in Queens. There is a debate outreach program in every borough, directed by the UDL. We are very excited to have these young people on our campus and in the Debate Dojo to learn about debate, how to argue, and how to be a better advocate for themselves and others.
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